Academies at Fort Lee High School

FLHS   This fall, 8th graders will be meeting with instructors from the Academy of Finance, Academy of Theatre Arts, and Pre IB/IB (International Baccalaureate) Program to learn more about these unique learning communities.  Application information is below.

October 17th- Pre IB/International Baccalaureate presentations
October 22nd- Academy of Finance (AOF) presentations  
October 23rd- Academy of Theatre (ATA) presentations

December 4th- Academy of Finance interviews
December 5th- Pre IB/International Baccalaureate interviews
December 11th- Academy of Theatre Arts interviews

Click here for PRE IB application
Click here for PRE IB Teacher Evaluation Form

AOF application may be found in Google Classroom.  Code 20ow8w.
ATA application may be found in Google Classroom.  Code 8g64ts

*All interviews will take place here at the middle school.  I will give applicants interview passes a few days before the interview.