Student Ambassadors

Advisor: Mrs. Anderson
Assistant Advisors Mrs. Larson & Mrs. Gratacos
What day(s) do we meet? Monday-Friday
How frequently? Everyday
Location? Room 158
Contact? [email protected]

Named as an UPSTANDER SCHOOL by the NY Jets and Stomp Out Bullying

The Lewis F. Cole Middle School Student Ambassadors are a select group of students dedicated to preventing disharmony and bias behavior while helping to maintain cooperation and unity within the middle school student body. The students who are selected serve as role models for our school. The main goal of this group is to facilitate and promote a positive school climate by teaching and reinforcing a consistent set of behavioral expectations for every student in all of our school settings. The entire group meets once or twice per month where the students determine objectives for the remainder of the year and plan appropriate activities for our school. Student ambassadors assist during the Multiple Disabilities Life Skills Class art, music, computers, and physical education lessons, which meet within a regularly scheduled 7th or 8th-grade art class. In addition, select student ambassadors meet with the advisers during their free time to prepare for upcoming art lessons and plan appropriate activities.

To be selected as a Student Ambassador, one must maintain academic excellence – a student does NOT need to be an honor roll student. Still, they must exhibit extraordinary effort daily. The student must be recommended by three or more staff members, fill out a written application, and complete an interview with the Student Ambassador adviser and assistants. The staff members who recommend the student for the group must confirm that the student has outstanding leadership skills and can foster unity among the diverse population of the middle school. The potential Ambassador must respect other students, listen, maintain confidentiality when necessary, and volunteer to serve in various capacities to better our school environment.

Each student must add their signature to their application promising to do the following as an Ambassador: "I will work to make others feel safe and included by showing respect and compassion. I will not use demeaning language, slurs, gestures, or jokes about anyone's sexuality, size, gender, race, ethnicity, or any kind of disability, religion, lack of religion, income, or other differences. I will reach out to help others and not be a bystander. I will choose instead to be an 'upstander.' I will intervene or report incidents and offer support. I will do my best to demonstrate respect and kindness to everyone. I will be a role model to others at our school and promote a positive school climate."

The duties of a Student Ambassador include assisting with the Lewis F. Cole Middle School Multiple Disabilities (MD) Class lessons, assisting with translations for students, hosting a version of Mix It Up Day, a national event sponsored each year by the National Tolerance Organization, and giving tours of the building. Ambassadors collect contributions during lunch periods on approved "dress down/themed dress" days to support various charities and relief funds, design anti-bullying and character education signs and bulletin boards, participate in welcoming new students to our district, take part in the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade student and parent orientations, serve as trainees for next year's Student Ambassador nominees, contribute to and facilitate bake sales to raise funds for our Bridgemen Bucks program, and participate in other events deemed appropriate for the program.


To reward students for good behavior and create a positive school climate at the Lewis F. Cole Middle School, the Student Ambassadors implemented a Bridgemen Bucks program.

Students who exhibit positive behaviors (such as assisting another student or teacher without seeking reward) will receive a Bridgemen Buck from a staff member. The staff member fills out a "buck" with a brief explanation of why the student deserves this accolade. We place all bucks in the display case in the middle school lobby. At the end of each week, month, and the end of the school year, Bridgemen Bucks are drawn from the case for rewards.

Small rewards such as ice cream or cookies at lunch are the weekly rewards (3 per week). Monthly rewards are more substantial and include Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks gift cards, earbuds, and large bags of assorted candies (2 rewards per month). The end-of-year prizes vary in value and have included drawstring backpacks, thermal reusable cups, a gumball machine, art supplies, NFL football tickets, autographed sports memorabilia, Beats headphones, Amazon Echo Dots, and Amazon Echo Alexa (20-25 prizes per year). All prizes are donated or purchased using funds from our snack sales.

Remember that even after a name is drawn, Bridgemen Buck is immediately put back in the case, and that student is eligible to win again with the same ticket. The more good deeds a student does, the better their chance of winning prizes throughout the year.