Academies at FLHS INTERVIEW Information

Academies @ FLHS INTERVIEW Information
Posted on 12/02/2020
Eighth graders who applied to any of the Academies @ FLHS (AOF, ATA, Pre IB) will participate in a virtual interview.  Students MUST check their FL email daily for interview information.  
AOF interviews will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 8th.  An invitation will be sent from either, Ms. Maceri, Mr. Della Fave, or Mr. Gehres.
ATA interviews will take place on Dec. 14th.  Interview information has been posted in the ATA Google Classroom.  If you have any questions regarding your interview, please email Mrs. Etra at

PRE IB interviews will take place on Dec. 17th.  An invitation will be sent out from Mrs. Etra. 

Tips For a Successful Virtual Interview
  • Make note of your appointment time in your Google calendar, Smart watch, agenda pad, etc.  - Log into the interview on time.  We will not send out individual reminders.
  • A clean neat appearance makes a good first impression. (Brush hair and teeth, wear clean clothes.  Pajamas are not appropriate for an interview.)
  • Have your video camera on.  Make eye contact with the interviewer. 
  • Test your camera and audio prior to the interview. 
  • No eating during the interview. 
  • Speak clearly and at an appropriate level so you can be heard.
  • Be prepared to discuss the answers you provided on your application, why you want to be in the academy, and a little bit about yourself.

Remember the 5 Ps:  Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

Good Luck!