Intermedia Art

Advisor(s) Mrs. Anderson 
What day(s) do we meet? Monday
How frequently? Weekly
Location? Room 158 
Contact? [email protected] 

Intermedia is the art and literary magazine created by Lewis F. Cole Middle School students for the entire student body. The magazine consists of ORIGINAL artwork and literary pieces done solely by our students. None of the work has been copied or duplicated. Work that has been completed in school, as well as at home, is permitted for inclusion into Intermedia. One does NOT have to be “on staff” to submit work. All submissions are NOT guaranteed to be featured on the district website or published in our annual art and literary magazine.

Intermedia Art Club meets on Monday afternoons in the art room (Room 158) after school until approximately 4:00 P.M. From October through May, students draw, paint, sculpt, take pictures, create digital art, and inspire each other’s creative efforts. Artwork varies from year to year and may consist of photography, woodworking, fibers and fabrics, ceramics, and sculpture, as well as charcoal, watercolor, pen, crayon, pencil, colored pencil, and computer-aided designs. Students who join the art staff are also encouraged to take risks with their artwork each week and are taught about different types of art styles.

For 50 years, the Lewis F. Cole Middle School has earned multiple awards from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) for its outstanding work in Intermedia. CSPA receives over 400 entries each year from around the country for judging, and Intermedia is consistently ranked as one of the top middle school art and literary publications in the United States.